De taal van handschoenen

Did you know it?

Did you know it? In Great Britain, during the Victorian era, gloves were used as codes; every single movement of the hands meant something very precise. Twirling a glove around the fingers meant “We are being watched”, while smoothing them in front of a gentleman indicated an interest in being together and have a talk.

Holding the gloves had a different meaning depending on the hand that was holding them: when held in the right hand, the holder was suggesting to “get over it”. The left hand golding the gloves simply showed satisfaction. Tapping the chin with the gloves clearly showed that the lady holding them was in love with someone else. Tossing them up told the beholder of an existing engagement. And the great classic is here saved for last: letting one glove fall on the floor was a clear “yes”. When both gloves were dropped it just meant “I love you”, while hate was expressed by turning the wrong side of the gloves outward.

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